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April Cover Model Bridget Marquardt

Meet our April cover model Bridget Marquardt. From The Girl Next Door to a fashion diva we are pleased to have her join our forces. Bridget is the Viva Glam Travel correspondent and we cannot wait to visit some of her sexiest beaches.

Katarina caught up with Bridget at the cover shoot, to ask her about her latest beauty tips.

“My favourite beauty tip is a little hidden secret. I love these things called chest pads. I know it sounds crazy but it’s a silicon piece that you put on your chest when you go to sleep..and it prevents chest wrinkles…They work great and my chest feels so smooth”

Katarina – Do you have any favourite beauty products? What brands?

Bridget – “I have a few favourite beauty products. I love lashes and mascara. That’s my #1 thing. I usually just use Maybelline. I feel like the drugstore brand works just as well as the expensive ones…and they’re great but I feel like it is just as good as the drugstore ones.”

”I love frosty lipgloss by Trish Mcevoy I think it’s very sexy, one of my favourite colors. And Cinema Secret foundation, ‘coz then you just look flawless and those really are the only three things you need.”

Kat – I know about Cinema Secret foundation but I know many people don’t. Where can you get it?

Bridget – “There is actually a Cinema Secret store here in LA…There is also an online store so you can get it online” and have it shipped straight to your door!

Bridget also let us know about her new project that she is super excite about. “The thing I’m really excited about right now is called Yahoo Animal Nation, and it’s on…I’m doing a whole animal nation segment with really cute little pet stories, once a week and it’s a lot of fun!”

Kat – Speaking of pets, how are your pets doing?

Bridget – “My pets are doing great. Gizmo is 14 years old now and just got her teeth cleaned, that didn’t go over so well (giggles) and Wednesday is doing great, she’s going to be 7 next month, so we’ll have a doggy birthday party”

Kat – I think I saw on Twitter that you have another kitty

Bridget – “I do. We have a new addition, his name is Wizard and he’s a rescue… he’s probably 95% Siamese.

Kat – Well I look forward to seeing the cover. Thank you Bridget for joining us and we’ll see you soon

Bridget – Thank you

About Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Christina Sandmeier was born in Tillamook, Oregon.  Shortly after her birth, the family moved back to California, where Marquardt was raised.

Marquardt graduated from San Joaquin Delta College with an Associate Degree. She matriculated to California State University, Sacramento and graduated in 1998 with a B.A. in communications and an emphasis on public relations. In 2001, she earned her Master’s Degree in Communications from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.

She later took a graduate level course in broadcast journalism through UCLA Extension, which was depicted on the first season of The Girls Next Door, most notably when she had to walk out of her first Playboy shoot to attend her final exam.

On the advice of friends who suggested she pose for Playboy magazine. In 1998, aged 25, she entered Playboy’s Millennium Playmate search. In 2001, Marquardt moved to Los Angeles, California and did local modelling jobs and small acting roles. After unsuccessfully testing twice for Playboy, she was invited to the Playboy Mansion and soon became a regular there. In October 2002, after more than a year of visiting the Mansion, she was invited to move in and become one of Hefner’s girlfriend